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Greenest Hotel which is in Cape Town has sparked interest at Marais 4 Architects and we are glad to give a few tips as to how to create a greener future for you and your family, in the design of your residence, which will save on maintenance costs and the mental awareness of leaving a reduced footprint in an age where resources are valuable and part of our everyday lives. (Bain, 2014)

Some tips as to howYOUcan “go green” at home:

  • WATER RECYCLING: Grey water systems are easy to install and manage and allow for biological filters and UV-sterilisers allow for bath, hand basin, and shower water can be recycled for the use of flushing toilets and washing your vehicles to save on water bills. (Bain, 2014)
  • RAINWATER HARVESTING: Harvesting tanks allow for the temporary storage of rainwater which can be used to water the gardens in dryer weeks. Sub-soil drainage can also be integrated into this system, collecting more water depending on the amount of water required for the purpose you wish to use this recycled water for. (Bain, 2014)
  • CONCRETE REDUCTION: There are so many different types of “concrete saving” initiatives that have been developed over the past years to reduce the amount of concrete that is required to cast slabs. These include for example the addition of recycled polypropylene balls that displace the concrete without compromising the structural integrity and dramatically reduce the amount of concrete necessary, consequently reducing carbon dioxide emissions. (Bain, 2014)
  • WIND AND SOLAR ENERGY: Wind turbines and solar panels can be used to generate electricity that can power offset electrical grids saving money when it comes to the electrical bills. (Bain, 2014)
  • ECOLOGIGAL SWIMMING POOLS: Pools could be designed to become living eco-systems, utilising plants and organisms to keep the water clean and eliminate algae growth saving on the maintenance of your swimming pool. (Bain, 2014)
  • PLANT WALLS: “Living walls” which are watered by drip irrigation, can contribute to cleaner, better oxygenated air, which contributes to better living environments. (Bain, 2014)

We at Marais 4 Architects are glad to say that we are able to offer all of these greener alternatives to keep you, the client happy whilst managing which could be, and probably is the biggest investment you make in your life. We are members of the Green Building Council of South Africa, and pride ourselves in being able to conform to your Green Architecture needs.

These alternatives are possible in not only Residential developments, but can be altered, redefined and tailored to the needs of any Commercial-, Industrial- and Office Development, resulting in a better future of the building, and the people who will be using it.


BAIN, K. (2014) Building A Greener Future: Eco-Friendly Architecture.Indwe, Oct 2014. p.32.