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New Residences to be built in Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate

Marais 4 Architects boasts 4 new residences that have been approved for construction at the Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate for construction early 2013. These residences will add to Marais4’s growing list of successful projects in the estate.

This contemporary residence in Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate, Designed by Marius Marais, boasts beautiful views of the Fourth Tee Off of the Jack Nicklaus designed Serengeti Golf course. With this beautiful view at our disposal, the home was designed around creating a transparent threshold through the residence from the front entrance, allowing for full views from right through the house on ground level over the timber deck and pool, and large windows allowing for views from the first storey bridge connecting to the rooms. The residence also boasts large double volume spaces and aesthetic stone clad beams, framing the house in the landscape. With strict Serengeti guidelines, Marais 4 Architects was able to use our vast experience and knowledge of the estate to have the residence approved, to start construction early in 2013.

This residence which can be found in the Sand River Camp of the Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate, adds to Marais 4 Architects’ growing portfolio of contemporary residences. This sophisticated new home is nestled in between other residences on a large stand that offers many opportunities to tend to the client’s needs. With abundant natural light from clerestory windows, the residence has a clean, open feel with sliding-stacking doors in every room in the house, to allow whole walls to open, allowing in fresh air and breath-taking views of the estate. It also boasts a large timber deck leading to a swimming pool with stone clad beams, adding to the harmony that this house offers between different external finishes that also include timber screens as well as aluminium and glass, all complying to the strict guidelines of the estate.

Sophisticated residence, settled on the Horse Shoe Island surrounding the 7th and 8th Holes of the Golf Course is set back from its stone clad beams that are set parallel to the house, allowing for the residence to have its own unique feel. The flow between inside and outside was achieved by designing large double volume corner stack-away doors allowing for seamless thresholds allowing for larger living spaces and fresh air adequate natural light into the clean and uncluttered layout of the home. A stainless steel floating staircase leads to large private lounging areas, contrasting to the large open planned ground floor living spaces that overlook a shallow pond that binds the house into the landscape.

This peculiar stand shape has allowed for this residence to be contrasted by its stone clad beams that do not run perpendicular or parallel to its outer facades. The residence is flanked by an open green space used as a walkway between the Tee Off points of the Golf Course and therefore needed to address the aesthetic appeal for the passers-by. The soft boundary treatment frames a residence that’s boasts a range of covered balconies contrasting the open pergola patios on ground floor which flank a large timber deck with a rim flow pool and large entertainment area. The private areas of the house offer en-suite bathrooms for each room as well as a private pyjama lounge that look down through the double volume ground floor below for a large uncluttered interior.